• The modern solution to beautiful exteriors

  • Exteriors that withstand weather change

  • An eco-friendly alternative to Plywood

About Vnext

Visaka Industries was founded in 1981, thanks to Dr G Vivekanand’s perseverance, and has since then grown into the 2nd largest manufacturer of Fiber Cement Roofing Sheets.

With a turnover of over 1000 crores, Vnext is the Next Big Thing in the Construction Industry.

Vnext Products come with unmatched quality, aesthetics, style, and durability, making them the ideal choice for smart and good looking interiors and exteriors. Being fire, water, and termite resistant makes them the perfect choice for long-lasting, sturdy, and hazard-free construction.

Vnext products have external and internal applications and are an excellent choice for panelling, cladding, false ceilings, partitions, mezzanine flooring, and much more.

Residential and Commercial solutions

We have a wide range of products that can accommodate your unique residential and commercial needs. Vnext products can be used for various applications like panelling, cladding, false ceilings, partitions, and mezzanine flooring with multiple texture options. The plain variants can be finished with paint, laminate, wall, paper, veneer or tiles.

The vast variety in our product line and our brilliant, modern utilitarian perspective is reflected in our products’ diversity.

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Our Products Are

Fire Resistant

Water Resistant

Termite Resistant

Eco Friendly

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