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Introduction of Vnext/Vboards


At the industrial backdrop of Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh in 1981, Visaka industries was established with the aim of manufacturing high quality, easily available corrugated fiber cement sheets. Since then, it has vastly grown from its initial production capacity of 36,000 tons per year into the second largest cement sheet manufacturer in India with a turnover of Rs 1000 cr.

Conceptualized from Visaka’s established range of products, VNext is our revitalised range of fiber cement solutions composed of the latest technology and trends. VNext by Visaka Industries, provides a collection of fiber cement boards that not only boasts of unmatched quality and durability but also style and aesthetics. With a portfolio of successful projects all around the world, VNext’s fiber cement solutions are known for their versatility. As fiber cement boards continue to take the international market by storm, VNext’s fiber cement solutions are endorsed and appreciated by architects and construction groups alike.

VNext’s products are comprised of Vboards, Vpremium, Vpanels and Vplanks. Composed of fire, water and termite resistant materials, Vpremium and Vplanks are used primarily for exteriors. Apart from their durability, Vplanks and Vpremium come in a variety of colours, textures and looks; ideal for a visually appealing facade. Used for a multitude of indoor and outdoor projects, the versatility of Vboards and Vpanels allow for safe, cost effective and tasteful fiber cement solutions.

In this blog, you will find a multitude of topics; from industry information related posts to the variety of ways in which our products have, can and will be used. Read on!

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