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Planning to install false ceiling? Get conversant with the prerequisites!


False ceilings have gained huge admiration in the past decade and are now a must-have for a well-designed home. Not just a cosmetic move, installing a false ceiling has many other underlying functional benefits. A luxury item that it was earlier considered is now an integral part of urban households. If you are thinking of a makeover for your home it is incomplete without drop ceilings that augment the splendor and richness in multifarious ways. False ceilings are obtainable in various materials. Look up the internet for false ceiling contractors in Chennai to discern further.

This post can assist you to get started. Just follow these guidelines that should be well-thought-out prior any installation.

In line with the height of your room

The original ceiling height of your room is important when finalizing the false ceiling. The new addition will occupy some amount of place in the room that lowers the height of the roof. If your ceiling height is spacious then settle for standard false ceilings or else go for thinner version to ensure adequate head room.

Choosing the extent

The size of false ceiling is completely on you. You can choose to have it on the corner areas or on the entire roof or also on the sides of the fan only. It is your call and design fantasy. Just keep in mind the dimension of the room and the furniture to be positioned.

Benefits apart beautification

The beauty of false ceilings just accommodates a limited perspective of the same. There is more to it. False ceiling makes the room more energy efficient. Installing them in bathrooms tend to keep the area orderly. For top floor apartments thermocol false ceilings can cool the room lowering the electricity bills during scorching summer months.

Go for the enduring one

In comparison to the original ceiling the made-up ones have lesser lifespan. Therefore mindfully assess the varieties in order to choose the durable sort. With a higher likelihood of getting impaired before time the risk of replacement cost comes with it. So, lookout for manufacturers who provide low cost replacement options.

Upkeep and preservation

Maintenance is not very demanding and involves very little cost. Since false ceilings are generally in white and cream colors regular cleaning is a must. You do not want your guests to see them dirty— so if you cannot invest the time required go for darker shades instead.

In order to get the desired look and quality umpteen research is imperative. Survey credentials of false ceiling contractors in Chennai at length the various alternatives available before zeroing on. Compare the quotes from different manufacturers and also lookout for additional rebates. False ceilings are very affordable and the benefits they offer render it far from being just an exorbitant outlay. Just keep in mind the above cited pointers before procuring and you are good to go.

Let your home have your heart in it. Give it a false ceiling makeover which will not only append elegance but adorn your abode with greater value than you can envisage.

Feel at home!


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