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Roofing Underlayment: Merits of Cement Sheets and More 


What do your see when you look up? Your roof is a way more complex structure than what you can even imagine. The most visual components of your roof are perhaps the shingles or the fancy paint that you have just invested in. But there obviously are “stories” beneath. Roofing underlayment for instance serves the very important function of protecting your roof from the effects of climatic extremities. It is simply known to provide your roof with an added layer of protection that your shingles alone cannot provide. Your shingles, however, make for the primary line of defense. They are known to endure winds, prevent precipitation and reflect sun’s rays as well. However, they need that extra layer of defense to shore up their protective properties.

Protection of your Roof: Why isn’t installing shingles only enough?

The shingles come in overlapping formations and are not sealed at all the corners. If not backed by solid underlayment, shingles can well be damaged by strong winds or rains accompanied by very strong winds.

Water-resistant roofing underlayment on the other hand can actually deal with the effects of some seriously bad weather — provided the product that you have settled for is of premium quality.

Are you aware of the existence of cement sheets? Learn about their benefits

Let us tell you that cement sheets or fiber cement boards are slowly gaining momentum as superior underlayment options. Used as enduring alternatives to sloped RCC slabs, these sheets or boards render an unmistakably rich aesthetic value to buildings. However, just because they look “rich” it cannot be said that they are costly as well. On the contrary, they are duly cost-effective and low maintenance. Other merits include:

  • Can be installed quickly
  • Light weight
  • Economical
  • More visually appealing than RCC slabs


In order to make the most of the benefits offered by the cement sheets  you need to ensure that you are getting in touch with reliable manufacturers and suppliers of these products. The question is what are the factors that you should keep in view while procuring these cement boards for roofing underlayment?


How about contacting names that are unequivocally endorsed by your friends who have already installed cement sheets in their homes? How about checking different websites in order to find out what different companies have to offer? How about personally inquiring about their commitment to quality? Like the stages of quality checks that their products undergo? How about settling for a GREEN PRO certified company?


Bank on the right credentials


Keep these points in view while you are in the process of procuring your roofing underlayment. Trust professionals to get your product installed instead of resorting to DIY because it might as well become difficult for a layman to grasp the complications associated with this job. Professionals will also guide you regarding the selection of different layers of protection depending on the type of roof you have installed, the climate and the type of slope. So, make sure you know who you choose to be guided by.



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