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Fibre Cement Board giving construction industry the facelift it so needs.


We build a home, an office or a complex and hope to spend a lifetime in it. Which is what makes construction a challenging ballgame altogether. Because you never know what might effect it & strip it of its longevity. 

The weather? 

An old foundation?

Cheap functionality?


Just outdated housing solution?

Cement, Bricks & Steel has summed up our every construction story in the past. For decades, it followed the procedure and housing didn’t seem to hurt any part of the planet. Except that it did hurt a lot of our planet.

A space for a house means a place eliminated for habitat. We can’t stop the occupancy of houses in place of trees but what we can do is evolve our lifestyle choices, accordingly. Housing needs of interiors and exteriors require abundant amount of plywood, translating to abundant loss of trees

Vnext overcomes that challenge without compromising your quality of life.

Vboards by Vnext are fiber cement boards that can be used for all interiors and exteriors. To give a better perspective, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, boundary walls, wall partitions, roof underlay & more can be built using Vboards

But you might be wondering if its worth switching to Vboards just for eco-friendly purposes. Well, let us lay forward the benefits of Vboards that far outnumbers the benefits of plywood.

  • Termites won’t eat away your interiors anymore because it’s termite resistant

  • No patchy walls or wardrobes & shelves as Vboards are water-proof

  • Interiors made of Vboards guarantee safety & security at its best as they are fire-resistant

  • Vboards come with such incredible attributes but is not an expensive affair. Infact,  they are extremely cost-efficient i.e. Vboards comes in just half the price of plywood.

  • Installing Vboard interiors & exteriors is quite handy & time saving.

  • Vboards comes in a range of textured surface finishes so you can meet the requirements of modern building applications

  • It’s the best replacement to plywood so you can pave way for an eco-friendly living without having to compromise on lifestyle.  


Fiber Cement Boards have already taken the international market by storm & has been widely appreciated by architects and industry experts worldwide.  Bringing unconventionality along, Vnext is here with affordable & innovative housing solutions. Join the community & give construction industry the facelift it so needs.

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