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Eco-friendly & Sustainable- Vnext


All Vnext Products are Eco- friendly and Sustainable!  

Vnext board is manufactured conforming to IS 14862:2000 / ASTM C 1186. It is a Type “B” Category”3” board meant for various interior and semi-exposed applications.

Vnext premium board is a Type“A” category”3” board conforming to IS 14862:2000 / ASTM C 1186, that withstands extreme weather conditions for exterior applications.

Vnext premium plank is a designer grade material, used for various exterior applications such as asfaçade, external cladding, and siding, etc., It is a textured premium board.

vnext panel is a user-friendly product proven to be the best substitute for conventional walls and any other drywall solutions, Vnext panel is manufactured with technical know-how from Australia.

Vnext stands as a testimony for eco- friendly and sustainable:

  1. Vnext range products substitute plywood for various interior and exterior applications, allowing it to be the best solution in the construction space saving trees.
  2. By using Vnext board in the construction process, one can save a lot of water as it’s a proven drywall application helps in conserving overall ecosystem with respect to sand, clay, water and river shores.
  3. Vnext products are sustainable as the lifetime of the products is more than 70 years and withstands varying climatic conductions.
  4. The Vnext range of products are fire, water & termite resistant making them the most sustainable substitute for plywood applications. When used, Vnext products directly help in deforestation and gives you better aesthetics and elegance
  5. Vnext products are Green Pro certified, by IGBC and we are the pioneers in the building materials industry to make a lasting impact in building the future®.

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