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5 Reasons to Choose Vnext Boards for Your Interior and Exterior Needs


In the world of construction, finding durable and versatile materials that contribute to eco-friendly and sustainable practices is now more essential than ever. Fibre cement boards have gained significant popularity in recent years, revolutionizing the way we approach interior and exterior construction projects. In the building materials industry, Vnext stands out as a reliable and innovative provider of fibre cement boards, planks, panels, and other green building technologies. Today, we highlight some important reasons why fibre cement boards should be your pick for your next interior or exterior needs, highlighting their advantages of fibre cement boards over traditional materials like plywood while emphasizing their suitability for rainy seasons.

Green construction: A noteworthy advantage of sustainable boards is their contribution to eco-friendly construction. Constituted using from a mixture of cement, wood pulp and fly ash, these boards are free from dangerous substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde. As a result, fibre cement boards promote a healthier indoor environment, minimising the risk of respiratory issues. By choosing Vnext boards for your projects, you actively participate in sustainable construction practices, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious solutions.

Outstanding Durability: Compared to traditional materials like plywood, fibre cement boards, planks and panels offer superior durability that withstands the test of time. Due to their high resistance to moisture, rot, and decay, they’re the ideal choice for many for both interior and exterior applications. In regions prone to heavy rainfall or high humidity, Vnext boards owing to their non-absorbent properties, preventing damage caused by swelling or warping. These boards exhibit tremendous dimensional stability, ensuring a long lifespan and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Flexibility in Interior Construction: When it comes to interior construction, sustainable fibre cement boards outshine plywood in several ways. These fibre cement boards can be easily cut, drilled, and shaped, allowing for effortless installation and customization. Sustainable boards make the most practical sense for creating stunning feature walls, partitions, false ceilings, ceiling panels, and even furniture pieces such as shelves and wardrobes. Their smooth and flat surface provides an excellent base for paint or other decorative finishes, enabling endless design possibilities. Naturally, Vnext boards offer better fire resistance compared to plywood, making them a safer choice for interior applications.

Ideal for Exterior Construction: Fibre cement boards prove their worth in exterior construction, especially during the monsoon season and heavy rains. Plywood, being a wood-based material, is highly susceptible to water damage and termite attacks, resulting in swelling, delamination, and decay. In contrast, Vnext boards offer remarkable endurance against moisture, ensuring the structural integrity of your exteriors. Thanks to their non-absorbent nature, these boards remain unaffected by rain, providing excellent weather resistance and as a result a widely popular option in any weather. Whether it’s cladding, facades, eaves, or soffits, Vnext boards offer peace of mind during the rainy season, safeguarding your investment.

Sustainability Goals: In addition to being eco-friendly, fibre cement boards prioritize sustainability throughout their lifecycle. The manufacturing process of these fibre cement boards utilizes renewable and recycled materials, minimizing waste generation. They can also be recycled at the end of their lifespan, reducing the environmental impact, and promoting a circular economy. By choosing Vnext fibre cement boards, you contribute to the overall sustainability of the construction industry while enjoying the benefits of a high-quality and long-lasting material.

Fibre cement boards have emerged as an inspired alternative to traditional materials like plywood in both interior and exterior construction projects offering numerous advantages while addressing the shortcomings of plywood. Rain or shine – by opting for sustainable construction using fibre cement boards, you make a conscious decision to embrace eco-friendly and green practices while ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your interior and exterior spaces.

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