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How eco-friendly is your construction?


The most recommended product for a sustainable project, Vnext can help you set the greenest footprint on modern construction. Read on to know how…

The idea of constructing a dream home might not seem too far fetched, but using traditional methods to realize that dream is a problem for planet earth on the whole. We’ve put together all the ways how traditional construction practices are a bane to the planet and fiber cement products like Vnext are the only way forward.

No curing required

Curing is integral for a brick-wall building. But did you know that you can’t use any water for curing? It needs to potable, the same kind used for mixing concrete. Devoid of acid, oils, alkalis, salt, or sugar that may be detrimental to construction material like stone, bricks, concrete, or steel, curing requires clean water.
And it’s an unavoidable process; so much so that over a period of 28 days, you waste thousands of liters of sustenance that could potentially aid 785 million people to quench their thirst! Prefab buildings made of Vnext do not need to cure and are good to assemble and move in.


The need of the hour is to make conscious decisions that aid the planet. With every 1500 sq.ft of Vnext you use for your building, you help conserve 6 trees, and support fair forestry practices. This not only greatly reduces the carbon footprint of your building during its lifetime, but also has fewer carbon emissions during its installation.
And by using Vnext, your project shall be certified a ‘Green Building’, according to IGBC, BEE, and GRIHA standards.

Environment Friendly

Fiber Cement Boards like Vnext are certified GreenPro—perfectly catering to functionality while helping you go green with your construction. From handling heat, moisture, and UV damage, FCBs are your best bet when it comes to long-lasting green building solutions.
In other words, Vnext range of sustainable products are built to last on diverse terrains and weather conditions. Earthquake resistant, Vnext homes are an ideal investment for those in seismic zones.

Clean & Hygienic

Let’s compare two scenarios—a site with brick wall construction and another, with Vnext Fiber Cement Boards. Out of the two, the cleanest, most manageable construction method is the prefabricated one with Vnext. The other, however, can be unorganized, with material pilferage and unhygienic building practices.
Containing non-toxic components, Vnext products are also safer on site, and comply to quality standards. Made using the Hatschek process, this light-weight material is made for durable and sustainable construction.

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