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How light is your building?


We understand building a home can be stressful—but Vnext is here to ease that burden

On the whole, construction is a heavy duty task. Bulky machinery, materials in bulk and multiple workers toil for months together to make a simple home. Vnext on the other hand is a lighter, faster method of construction. Read on to know how Vnext fares against brick and mortar style in terms of technology.

Affordable construction

Though not lighter than a feather, our weather resistant Vnext range comes with a long list of advantages. Firstly, they make sure the walls don’t close in on you. Besides giving you the choice to customize air-filtration, light and insulation systems, Vnext buildings also give you 4 per cent more carpet area, and if entirely built with Vnext Infill, you get 7 per cent more space. Despite being slimmer than bricks and blocks, they’re certified to perform better than conventional walls. Vnext is also fire, water and termite resistant.

Total flexibility

Most construction styles lack the freedom and convenience of flexibility that Vnext provides. Once built, it’s challenging to even make a minor alteration in the building, unlike Vnext. Prefabricated buildings come in detachable, individual parts that can be changed according to your preference on-site. Each part of the structure can be specifically modified during construction.

Sustainably convenient

Delivered for assembly, our modular solutions are factory-made to suit your convenience. With a unique customer-centric approach, Vnext offers sustainability that can be endlessly customized. From kitchen cabinets to mezzanine floors to false ceilings, Vnext believes in your dream and assists with the best possible solution for the same.

Earthquake proof composition

While prefab homes are built four times faster than brick wall buildings, they don’t come crashing down like the latter. Shock absorbent and sturdy, Vnext structures are made to stand the test of time and also of tremors. This means we can engineer earthquake resistant homes that stand tall, even in terrains that are classified seismic zones.

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