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How to fast-track your building with sustainable Vnext range


Have complete control on speed, standardization, optimization, and accuracy of your prefab building with Vnext

The battle between old school methods of construction and prefabrication continues to leave customers confused about whom to pick for their next. While brick and stone walls are known to fall apart during natural calamities, Buildings walled with Vnext are certified to last for 50 years—with their fire, water, and termite resistant qualities intact. But for a product to last 50 years, it would be wrong to assume that it would take a considerably longer period to build with. Read on to know how prefab is the fastest, most reliable method of construction that exists.

On track, on time

We are all aware of how a little glitch in logistics escalates chaos. And when time is money, it’s a nightmare for site engineers, and it’s even more stressful for the homeowner if the shipping, storage, and labor are not well-coordinated and in place. Modular construction does away with most of these hassles and helps streamline the rest of the construction process. This means your building will be ready to move in within the deadline.

4x faster speed

Prefabricated structures are built four times faster compared to the old school construction method. Synonymous for promptness, they’re manufactured for problem-free transit and rapid assembly on site. Ideal for seismic zones, all components of a modular building are factory-built for speedy construction that’s quicker than building a home with Legos. Simply put, Vnext eliminates all the wait and saves time on product arrival, building, and curing.

Standardized solutions

When it comes to the consistency of building material, prefab is the way to go. Manufactured in a quality-controlled environment, each product of Vnext undergoes a series of checks to ensure consistency in standards of composition, quality, and strength. Thus, you can be assured that each element made of Vnext in your prefab structure is identical in terms of quality, sizing, and specifications.

Accurate to the tee

A real alternative to non-sustainable, on-site practices, prefab structures are machine-built—a trait that most labor-intensive methods of construction lack. Especially evident in CNC designs, Vnext allows for intricate art to be carved on fiber cement boards. So forget those boring dimly lit panel or duct coverings and go for some flawless designs cut on Vnext to add some much-needed zing to the room. This also means there’s no room for cracks or disjointed work.

Optimized for perfection

While traditional methods halt to during certain seasons, prefab allows for year-round construction. Contemporary in style and energy-efficient in design, you can optimize your project to suit your requirement. With a single-source contractor for your building, Vnext doesn’t require multiple groups of contractors and workers to coordinate on your eco-friendly project. Want to hear one more advantage? Vnext is optimized for relocation and allows easy reinstallation. Should you be worried about shifting cities for a job, you can even take your home with you.

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