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How Vnext is an affordable housing solution for the masses


As brick and mortar homes are increasingly being considered an unreliable option for long-lasting and affordable housing, let’s look at how investing in Vnext is a step in the right direction for value-based construction. Here are five reasons why Vnext is your budget-friendly option for affordable housing.

Tiny house movement

A millennial housing trend that’s taking ‘affordable construction’ by storm, Tiny House Movement is all about building clean in smaller budgets and marks the resurgence of minimal, downsized way of living. The popular style imbibes a practical and honest approach to living-spaces. Got the budget for a tiny house with a family member who is into music? Sound-proofing is possible with Vnext, no matter how small the space.

Curb appeal

If you are someone who is looking for a decent resale value for your property, Vnext is a quick and affordable option to gain curb appeal. With the premium exterior-grade products that can up the ante on aesthetics, Vnext will make a great first impression on visitors and realtors! Want to hear another perk? Sustainability! With 6 trees being saved on every 1500 sq.ft of Vnext installation, you can count on Vnext, your eco-friendly housing expert!

For the masses

Perfect for underdeveloped regions of the society, prefab construction makes for a smart yet thoroughly organized way to house the masses. Used for relocatable, reusable purposes, buildings made of Vnext clean up well and 4 times faster than traditional brick wall projects that take forever to build. Third-world and developing countries that are looking for a fair-priced, inexpensive method to better housing standards for its citizens, prefab construction solutions by Vnext are ideal.

Added value

When a building material purchase brings more value to the table, it also alludes to its affordability. Durable, longer lifespan with a fire, water, termite-resistant composition, Vnext is all you need for a structure that tops all expectations. Not only that—made to suit different terrains and weathers, Vnext does not grow moulds yet absorbs moisture from the environment without harming the beauty of its exteriors.

Low labour costs

With their unmatched efficiency and savings on labour costs bringing down the overall expenses, Vnext is a factory-made, eco-friendly alternative to detrimental variants. Prefab buildings also eliminate the need for inconsistent methods of construction.

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