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How Vnext is changing the face of construction


True to its name, prefab buildings using Vnext are saving on time, money and effort—but is that all there is?

Prefabricated construction, as the experts say, is the “more energy efficient, sustainable building method than traditional practices” that’s fast catching up among the general populace. However, the road has not been always this easy. Although Fiber Cement Boards have been around for the past century, here are five reasons that make them a sought after choice for futuristic construction.

Consistent, flexible & quick

No matter where you are in the world, prefab buildings require skilled labour, but far less in number when pitted against traditional methods of construction. And moreover, produced to pass several quality checks, Vnext Fiber Cement Boards ensure that they consistently meet quality standards. With the tiring brick assembly, plastering and curing methods brushed out of the picture, prefabricated buildings require less time, so you do not have to break a cold sweat about rising labour costs anymore.

Waste not, want not

Hailed for its strategic approach to achieve quality construction, prefab or modular buildings are planned ahead and executed to perfection. This means there is no rough estimate of material that you “might” need and there is no loss of material or product damage. So only the material you would need arrives at the site, leaving your plenty of space that would’ve otherwise been occupied by stacks of bricks and sacks of cement.

Good for the planet

No amount of reiteration can refute the environmental benefits that modular construction brings to your project. Like previously discussed, this method generates less waste than traditional methods, helping your site stay clear of materials that end up in the landfill. And to all those who think excess wood, bricks and cement can come in handy sometime, they might just end up as a liabilities in the backyard. By choosing Vnext FCBs, you use less wood, conserve more trees and offset carbon emissions. That’s great deal, right there.

Energy efficient

Buildings made of Vnext, specially prefab structures are jointed with skill and precision, allowing better air filtration and well-insulated walls. With increased energy efficiency, Vnext offers more than expected, for no less than 50 years.

Fits all budgets

Apart from the reduced construction time saving you a ton of investment into the property, Vnext is generally the most affordable option for prefab structures. To bust another myth, custom-made is not always pricey. With a variety of textures and the option to pick your finish—stuccos, sidings, plain Jane cement walls—Vnext lets you do it all.

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