Heavy duty board

Good-looking exteriors have traditionally come at the cost of quality and are prone to moisture damage. Fiber cement boards are the answer to this problem. Being resistant to the harsh elements of weather, these strong fiber cement boards are ideal for external embellishments to modern buildings.

They come in a variety of textures and colours to suit your tastes. Vpremium guarantees exteriors that add a touch of elegance to your building.

  • Water Resistant
  • Asbestos Free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Termite Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Sound insulation
  • Easy Workability
  • Aesthetics with Durability
  • Fire resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Value for Money

Vpremium is a Non Asbestos, autoclaved product. These fiber cement boards are manufactured using the Hatschek process; later the product is cured using HPSC technology. The curing is done under high pressure steam to attain the product’s strength and stability. Vpremium  is composed of a composite matrix containing special grade cellulose fibers, ordinary Portland cement, fine silica, quartz, and some mineral additives.

Vpremium  is manufactured as per ISO 8336/IS 14862/ASTM C 1186 standards. They are available in standard dimensions with smooth and textured finishes to meet the requirements of modern external building applications.

  • External Cladding
  • CNC Cutting
  • Roof Underlay
  • Duct Covering
  • Wet Area Applications

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