False Ceiling

Vnext’s Vboard is a great choice for building False ceilings.

Concealed Grid false ceiling – are used to minimize load (power consumption) on air- conditioning in a building and also to provide an aesthetic look to the Soffit/Roof. These boards are fixed to the frames & finished to provide a seamless surface. They can also be fixed by providing grooves all around the board. Vboard thickness used for Concealed Grid false ceiling – 6mm & 8mm.

T- Grid false ceiling – Vboard with textured surface finish- Vwave offer smart choices for modern T-grid false ceiling in commercial, industrial & residential constructions. These boards are mounted on an exposed grid system where Vboard (tiles) are laid into the grid. Vboard thickness used for T- Grid false ceiling- 4mm & 6mm.

False ceiling made with Vboard are:

  • Fire Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Termite Resistant
  • Construction with less labor
  • Time-saving and will get you faster returns on investments.
  • Require little or no maintenance
  • Low on cost (of painting) and have a smooth factory finish


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