Build your house with the revolutionary new technology: V-Infill by Vnext. Lightweight concrete (Cement, Sand, EPS & Proprietary Additive) mixed with fixed proportions of water is poured in between a structure made with Vnext frames, TMT rods and Vboards as facing sheets.

The roof is made with conventional RCC. All other amenities like flush doors, aluminium windows, ventilators, electric circuits, sanitation, plumbing and vitrified floor tiles are completed in the stipulated time. The walls are finished with Birla Putty and painted with water-based distemper paints.

Houses built with V-Infill are

  • Resistant  V-infill is water, termite and fire resistant solving most of your housing concerns.
  • Durable Houses built with V-Infill are not affected by water dampening or seepage. It gives you a window in times of disaster. It stands for durability in every aspect of construction.
  • Quick & Easy – A typical 2-BHK house with V-Infill can be constructed in about 45 days from foundation to finish. A quick and easy way to turn your dream house into a reality.

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