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Things to keep in mind while choosing Vnext for your building


Remember to ask these questions before investing in fire, water, termite-resistant Vnext products for your building.

Looking for the perfect product for long-lasting interiors and exteriors? Your search ends with Vnext. Among many other variants in the market, Vnext Fiber Cement Boards are proven to be far superior in strength, durability and quality. With several dupes in the market claiming to be Vnext Boards, Planks and Panels, here are five things you need to keep in mind before investing in Vnext.

Dibs on sustainability

While the finite resources on earth are on a downward spiral, sustainable practices are the last straw we have to save the planet. By building with Vnext, you put your buck on the environment. For every 1500 sq.ft of Vnext you help conserve 6 trees. Not only that, Vnext also offsets 1.3 tonnes worth of carbon emissions in the same area.

Brand-specific approach

As a consumer, your primary right is to ask for it. When the dealer outlet reaches out to you with a variety of FCB options, it’s always safe practice to ask for the brand you want. There might be umpteen reasons to choose Vnext, but its unparalleled trust and quality are compelling factors.

Look before you buy

Did you know you could request to see product brochures for Vnext at the outlets? Available in various textures, finishes for both interior and exterior grades, Vnext range of products are made for sustainability and style. Product brochures also give a better idea on how one product can be used for multiple applications.

The Vnext seal of approval

Beware of fakes in the market. As the construction industry is progressing towards efficient and environmentally responsible methods to build, the demand for Vnext is ever increasing, forcing some to sell other brands under the guise of Vnext. Always ensure that you check the Vnext Boards, Vnext Planks seal on the product before making the purchase.

Genuine source

All authorized dealers of Vnext are certified by the company for the same. Keep an eye out for the certificate in the outlet before buying. Also make sure the craftsmen working on the project are trained to build with Vnext, if they aren’t, reach out for carpenters, contractors and applicators that have expertise in working with FCBs.

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